Nadine Andrews

Undeniably stylish. Unwaveringly determined. A powerhouse, a boss lady. Introducing Nadine Andrews - General Manager of Chic Blogger Management. The ultimate 25 ATW femme - in her day to day, she is considered, strategic, focused. However, it is life, sounds and new places that give her energy. 

Nadine tells us more about what it means to be a female in 2019.

Nadine wears the Oana pant and Uma shirt from SS19

Outside of the world of being a General Manager, Chic Blogger Management, who are you? What do you love?


Putting this all in one sentence is hard for me, as I love so many things. I am a huge lover of music, live gigs, playing music at home and exploring new restaurants/bars plus travelling to different places in Australia and overseas. I love art shows and discovering new creative people/artists. What I love about this world is that there is so much to discover and so many people to meet.

Who am I….?


I am a very driven person and creative. People may say I am fruity at times and yes, they are right. I don’t act my age at all and am very outgoing. I love cats but don’t have a cat. I love running marathons and training like crazy as it gives me so much joy, plus I love the challenge - it is also the best stress relief.

What does modern femininity mean to you?


Modern femininity to me is being strong, empowering each other as women and having voice.

If you have never had to think about a trend again, what would you be forever caught in?


I could live in jeans and a t-shirt FOREVER. I know that sounds boring but that is what makes me happy and comfortable.

Nadine wears the Oana pant and Uma shirt from SS19

What words do you live and die by? 


If you never take a risk in anything in life, you will never evolve as a person.

Tell us something most don’t know about you… (until now)


I have never tried Peanut Butter and my first job was at Pizza Hut making pizzas and as a delivery driver. I left school to become a hairdresser (which I lasted 2 weeks). I was obsessed with Vogue, fashion and models since I was 10 years on (still am).

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