Take Me There... Palm Springs, CA

A getaway. An escape. A hideout.

A place to see, and be seen. A place to set the scene.

That desert heat. It soars. Welcome to Palm Springs.

From head to toe she is dressed in summer. The perfect white shirt drapes, with a casual indifference, over her limbs. She is timeless, an icon. An understated beauty.

She could be anywhere, or nowhere. She doesn’t care.

Palm Springs, CA, USA

Style notes:

At 25 Around The World our goal is to bring collection after collection of beautifully formed garments that will fit seamlessly into the life of the wearer. The perfect white shirt - a little oversized in the most luxurious materials - to pair with your well worn denim, your much loved leather, or quite simply, draped over your all black one piece as you make head of Sydney’s summer at the beach. 25 Around The World is about the perfect lifestyle essentials that speak to understated elegance, luxurious craftsmanship and let’s be honest, beautiful comfort.

For the perfect summer style, pull our 25 Around The World Alex Linen Shirt (image below) over your favourite black one piece.

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